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Rewards is a FREE membership program for facilities, events and organizations that help consumers live a more active lifestyle.

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Previous samples have included:

  • Clif Bar logo
  • Wheaties logo
  • Clorox logo
  • Powerade logo
  • Neutrogena logo
  • Ocean Spray logo

Features & Benefits

Great Products

FREE, relevant samples are a great way to increase staff-customer interaction. Also, an effective way to attract and retain participants and users.

Opt-In Programs

We only include you on programs that make sense for your active consumers. Every program is 100% member opt-in! Only enroll in the programs you know will best fit your customers and never worry about receiving samples you don't want.

Learning & Sharing

Give your staff and consumers a FREE opportunity to learn about new products - sometimes before they're available on the shelf! New product samples, relevant to the active consumers, are delivered directly to your door. Organized program kits include everything you and your staff need for a successful program. Share your success & your feedback as experts in the field.

Variety of Members

A wide range of facilities, events & organizations are welcomed as Rewards members.

Staff Incentives

Your staff has the opportunity to win cash and prizes for submitting feedback on product samples and participant activities and receive branded items such as tech tees, towels, etc.

Ease of Use

It’s easy to become a member, easy to enroll for programs and easy to distribute samples. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

How To Join

  1. Join ACTIVE Rewards
  2. Select either facilities or events
  3. Create your login
  4. Provide your facility or event detaills

Once You're a Member

  1. Check your email
  2. Enroll in your choice of programs
  3. Hand out FREE samples
  4. Share your feedback & photos
So many of our members said how much they loved the Lucky Charms Cereal bars! The entire promotion was such a huge success that we would love to be a part of more sampling programs like this in the future!
Membership Director, John McClure Snook Family YMCA

Who can be an ACTIVE Rewards member?

Any facility, organization or event that encourages participation and an overall healthy lifestyle can be a member. Current members include health clubs, YMCAs, JCCs, colleges, events, campgrounds, park districts, races, sport and social clubs, youth sports, etc. Being a Rewards member helps you to connect with your active participants by giving them relevant and free brand giveaways at the point of their activity. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help to determine if your facility, event or organization is applicable.

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