ACTIVE Network Product User Community Policies

Communities are the heart of ACTIVE Network. We power the world’s activities and connect people to things that they love, want, and need to do. We strive to create an environment that is open and safe for people to express their ideas. The primary purpose of a User Community is to foster customer collaboration and amplify social learning.

Please note that our communities and forums do not replace traditional customer support channels, but aim to enhance the experience of users by connecting them together.


To promote the most beneficial discussions possible for all users, we suggest these simple guidelines:

Speak kindly, clearly, and respectfully to everyone.

Before you start a new discussion, search for answers. This avoids posts being marked as duplicates and keeps conversation flowing.

If you don’t see it answered elsewhere, ask your question.

Try to include all pertinent details and add helpful images or attachments, when available.

If you know an answer, comment back.

If you can solve another user’s question or provide valuable feedback, share your opinion and expertise.

Share the community with others.

Send links and invitations to others with whom you want to collaborate to encourage them to join your discussions. The more active, interested users wehave, the more dynamic and helpful the community can be.


The following topics pertain to how the community is run to best complement the customer experience but not get in the way of natural and healthyconversation. Sometimes this means allowing discussion to flow without interruption. Other times, it means our community moderators will ask furtherquestions or mark specific comments as ‘best answers.’

Customer Support Cases

Communities and forums do not replace traditional channels of customer support such as emails, case submitted in a customer portal, live chats or phonecalls. When customer discussions include very specific issues and/or sensitive information, community moderators and contributors may create a case and enda discussion. We do this to best serve the customer and keep discussions flowing.

If you need Customer Support to address an issue urgently, please contact them directly using the Contact Us links at the bottom of the page instead ofcreating a new discussion.


Our communities and forums are intended for ACTIVE Network customers and employees. Accounts will not be created for organizations that are not existingACTIVE customers.


Communities consist of diverse opinions, and some contributors who may not agree with others. Lively and robust discourse often includes disagreements ordifferences of opinion but if a thread or user crosses into hateful, offensive, harassing, or abusive commentary or actions, we will remove the offendingposts and also the user, if necessary.


While we welcome critiques that are constructive, we will delete negative comments about ACTIVE Network and/or our competitors that are not relevant and donot improve the customer experience.

We want to hear your feedback and engage in productive conversations with you about our company and product. We may choose to alert your Account Manager oropen a support ticket in response to your negative comments though, as these avenues are often more appropriate for these discussions.


Users should attempt to keep their comments on topic within the thread. That means discussions should relate to the topic and group within that post. Thisshould not discourage you from posting your question, but be aware that moderators may move your post to a different topic that more closely pertains tothe issue at hand.


ACTIVE employees moderate, manage, and contribute to our user communities. They will always identify themselves as such to avoid confusion. Their roleincludes engaging and encouraging discussion, marking comments as ‘best answers,’ organizing the forum, and enforcing these policies.

Ultimately, our communities and forums exist for our users. So if you see something, say something. Our staff regularly reviews the content on the site toensure it adheres to our policies and guidelines. However, if a community user sees a post that does not align; they should flag the post or create aSupport case.


All of our community users, attachments, images, videos, and messages must abide by the rules listed below:

Do not share your login information with other users; posts attributed to your account will be assumed to be posted by you.

  1. Do not share sensitive or confidential information about yourself, your customers, or your organization.
  2. Do not threaten, abuse, troll, or harass.
  3. Do not use discriminatory or hateful speech.
  4. Do not use inflammatory or derogatory comments.
  5. Do not post sexually explicit, indecent, or pornographic material, including masked profanity.
  6. Do not post legal claims, demands, or informal or formal complaints.
  7. Do not post copyrighted or trademarked materials without first obtaining the right to use those materials.
  8. Do not spam or link to any site that may lead to malicious software that could harm another’s computer or device.
  9. Do not solicit, promote, or advertise for a company, product, or service.
  10. Do not make posts that promote illegal activities.


Posts that do not adhere to our policies are subject to being flagged, edited, or removed without notifying the user, and in certain situations, users canbe banned from ACTIVE’s communities and forums.

All the guidelines and policies in this document are subject to change without notice. By posting or using our user communities you are thereby agreeing toall the terms in this document.

See also: Terms of Use, Copyright Policy, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Security Policy