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Active Network Reveals Behavioral Habits of More Than 11,000 Active Moms

Active Moms Drive Health Awareness Among Family and Friends

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 7, 2010 – The Active Network Inc., a technology and media company, revealed today that active moms make it a priority to keep themselves healthy despite their busy schedules and are also instrumental in driving overall health and fitness among family and friends.

These findings are the result of a survey of over 11,000 active moms who are a part of the Lifestyle Panel, which recruits exclusively from’s family of media properties. Composed of consumers who are passionate about living an “active” lifestyle, this newly launched panel provides the ability to survey these difficult to reach individuals who regularly participate in a wide range of activities, including running, hiking, fishing, camping, biking, golf, tennis, yoga and more.

Of the 11,000+ active moms surveyed, key findings include:

  • Physical activity is an important priority for active moms: Despite the fact that 84% of active moms surveyed are employed (full-time, part-time or self-employed), they still find time to make activity a priority. Active moms regularly participate in multiple sports with running and walking being the most popular - 76% are runners and 60% are walkers. Additionally, they find time to exercise regularly with over 80% participating in physical activity three to four times a week and more.
  • Active moms use physical activity to manage their busy lives as well as their overall health and wellness: The top three motivators to working out include physical health (94%), stress relief (84%) and weight loss (70%).
  • If a mom is active, you can bet her friends and family are active too: Among the active moms surveyed, they are a source of information about health and wellness - 76% agree with the statement friends and family frequently ask them questions about health and fitness. A mother’s commitment to physical activity positively impacts her family as well - 75% of active moms surveyed, stated that they have family members who participate in multiple sports.

“Through our media properties, which provided the 11,000+ moms who participated in the survey, the Active Network is able to provide unparalleled insight into the overall health and wellness habits and behaviors of active moms today,” explained Stephany Cavatoni, general manager, Consumer Access and Insight for Active Network. “As a mother myself, I’m continually inspired by these findings and encouraged that so many moms find time to not only take care of themselves and juggle a career, but also encourage their family and friends to be physically active.”

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