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ACTIVE Network ® Announces the SMART EVENTS™ Cloud

Industry’s first and only solution integrating Strategic Meetings Management and Event Marketing technologies to bring “Big Data” to the meetings and events industry

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Oct. 9, 2013– ACTIVE Network ® (NYSE: ACTV), the leader in cloud-based Activity and Participant Management™ solutions, today announced the SMART EVENTS™ Cloud, the roll out of the industry’s first and only solution to date that integrates Strategic Meetings Management and event marketing technologies to bring “Big Data” to the meetings and events industry.  By consolidating entire event programs─from small meetings to large, complex conferences─into a single technology platform, the SMART EVENTS Cloud eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and technology partners. The solution combines the best capabilities of the industry-leading ACTIVE StarCite™ Strategic Meetings Management and ACTIVE Conference™ event-marketing technologies, providing  organizations with a  360-degree view of all meetings and events activities, including spend, ROI, and analytics across events, and attendees. The SMART EVENTS Cloud offers a major differentiation to any competitor in the industry by providing the technology needed to power any meeting or event, such as attendee management, including registration; spend management, with location-based venue sourcing; tools for managing large events, such as speaker and exhibitor management; and online communities; all supported by advanced analytics for all meeting and event activity across entire organizations. Click here to watch a short video:

“If you are familiar with customer lifecycle management, you know of the ‘Marketing Cloud.’ We are now introducing the ‘Events Cloud,’” said JR Sherman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Business Solutions Group at ACTIVE Network. “By combining the best of our industry-leading meeting and event technologies into this single technology platform, we believe we have revolutionized the way companies can manage the data and spend from their meetings and events. We are leading the industry forward by providing a solution that eliminates silos between event teams, marketing, and procurement, providing the visibility and data needed to help make better-informed decisions, monitor spend, increase efficiency, and accelerate customer lifecycles in order to grow a business.”

“The SMART EVENTS Cloud has the potential to be a game changer in the event-technology industry,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, research director with Ardent Partners. “The events management industry is in need of a solution that can integrate spend management, Strategic Meetings Management and marketing, especially considering how quickly the events industry is evolving. The concept of engagement management, along with an increased focus on marketing and procurement collaboration, necessitates an offering that provides mobile, analytical and spend management capabilities.”

  • The SMART EVENTS Cloud will roll out in phases over the next nine months beginning in November of 2013. Designed based upon extensive customer and industry feedback, phase one will include more than 80 new updates with key highlights including:
    A new, intuitive user interface, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use that can save time in setting up events.
  • ACTIVE Conference-to-Go, an off-the-shelf, configurable solution that enables users to quickly and easily plan conferences.
  • ACTIVE Small Meetings 2.0, an easy-to-use tool for creating and sourcing any small meeting*, providing full visibility into small meetings from a single solution.
  • An improved account and events dashboard for large events, providing an instant view of key metrics such as number of registrants, number of attendees, sessions scheduled, and amount of revenue generated.
  • ACTIVE Lead Management, which allows exhibitors and sponsors to easily acquire and manage sales prospects throughout the event lifecycle, including ability to capture leads at events in real time by scanning badges with a mobile device using QR Code, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies.

“Our team’s primary goal is to create an excellent experience in every aspect of the event,” said Nancy Neipp, Senior Director of Global Events at Cisco. “At the same time, our events must comply with company policies, while providing data that can demonstrate ROI. Having a single technology solution that incorporates meeting and travel policy compliance, and comprehensive data in one place, would be a significant value add to our business. This would allow us time to focus on the strategic planning aspects of each event experience.”

  • Subsequent phase releases of the SMART EVENTS Cloud will provide:
    New and improved functionality designed to drive attendance at events, as well as enhancements to online and onsite experiences, such as new communication and e-mail modules.
  • True modular flexibility, enabling all customers to pick and choose the meeting and event modules they need on an event-by-event or enterprise basis, based upon specific meeting and event needs.
  • Comprehensive business analytics to enable a holistic view of all meeting and event spend, and ROI, with the ability to analyze attendee metrics across different events and over time.

For more information on the SMART EVENTS Cloud, visit:

ACTIVE Network ® Business Solutions Group

ACTIVE Network ® is powering the next generation of SMART EVENTS™ through its Business Solutions technology suite, which provides intelligent data and insights designed to increase potential revenue growth, deepen attendee engagement and gain efficiency. Customers of all sizes—including small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise corporations, associations, tradeshows and expos—benefit from a single technology partner for all of their event management needs. The Business Solutions technology suite includes ACTIVE Conference™ for large flagship conferences, ACTIVE RegOnline™ for attendee management solutions, ACTIVE StarCite™ for strategic meetings management and event expense management, and the ACTIVE Marketplace™ to connect events with suppliers. For more information on ACTIVE Network Business Solutions please visit

About ACTIVE Network ®

ACTIVE Network ® is the leading provider of Activity and Participant Management™ solutions. Our leading ACTIVE Works cloud platform scales to meet the needs of our customers, large and small, and makes managing and operating all types of activities, events and organizations smarter and more efficient. We power over 55,000 global customers and build leading vertical technology applications for the markets we serve. ACTIVE Network was founded in 1999, is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has offices worldwide.  For more information, visit or follow us @activenetwork.

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