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ACTIVE Network Transforms the Social Media and Digital Marketing Landscape by Offering Unmatched Access to Intelligence That Can Grow Revenue and Participation for Event Organizers

With ACTIVE Target Marketer, Event Organizers Can Now Manage, Analyze and Determine Effectiveness of Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts in One Comprehensive Solution

Dallas – June 21, 2016 - ACTIVE Network®, the premier global marketplace for activities and events and the industry’s leading provider of data solutions, today announced the launch of ACTIVE Target Marketer®, delivering unprecedented access to data insights that transform the social media and digital marketing landscape for event organizers. With ACTIVE Target Marketer, event organizers are able to easily manage, analyze, and determine the effectiveness of their multi-channel marketing efforts with a single platform. Actionable insights into the entire marketing funnel, from impressions to registrations, help drive increased participation, better marketing success, and higher revenue by making sure each campaign is targeted to the right audience across the best social media platform. ACTIVE Target Marketer is the marketing module of ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud®, the industry’s leading, robust, comprehensive intelligence platform designed to help event organizers and membership organizations gain valuable data insights into participant and market trends and social media behavior.

ACTIVE Target Marketer generates executable, data-driven intelligence, enabling event organizers to identify the best multi-channel strategy for their events. It then offers recommendations for effectively delivering marketing messages to the intended audience based on local competition, the event’s past experience, and local demographics and interests. Each campaign can be tracked and measured against conversions, enabling marketers to know specifically which social media channel is driving the most revenue. This is all done from a single, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand platform, making it simpler than ever for event organizers to use multi-channel marketing efforts to communicate with new and existing participants.

“Before ACTIVE Target Marketer, we were able to see trends, price changes, and clicks from a marketing campaign, but we were not able to see how that campaign converted to registrations,” said Mark Harris, race director at REV3 Adventure. “Now, we are able to track conversions and see if a specific campaign we have running is effective or not. We can then decide if a campaign is working and make a decision to continue or to allocate our marketing dollars elsewhere. It takes the gut feel out of the marketing process and helps us make intelligent decisions with our time, resources, and money.”

With ACTIVE Target Marketer, event organizers have a centralized dashboard with which to plan, execute, and manage social and digital advertising to target potential registrants – no more coding or creative guesswork. Organizers can coordinate marketing activities, use consistent metrics to compare results, measure marketing efficacy, and receive a 360-degree view of the marketing and customer relationship.

Key features include:

  • Campaign Performance: Track and measure the performance of campaigns and gain new visibility and insights.
  • Overview Dashboard: Track marketing campaigns throughout the event lifecycle and understand their impact on registrations and revenue.
  • Channel Dashboard: Manage social media and digital advertising channels from one interface and receive detailed statistics displaying audience engagement.
  • Message Builder: Communicate to event followers across social media channels without leaving ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud.
  • Ads Builder: Generate short links to track engagement and performance on all digital marketing campaigns without requiring tracking codes.
  • Data-Driven Recommendations: Get detailed intelligence and guidance to improve performance including demographic profiles, keywords, and locations to target.

“Access to data insights and intelligence that can be easily translated into business decisions continues to be a major differentiator for event organizers as they look for ways to increase participation, drive revenue, and build their brand, especially online,” said Darko Dejanovic, chief executive officer at ACTIVE Network. “To stay relevant, event organizers must effectively harness the inherent power of social media and digital marketing. ACTIVE Target Marketer enables event organizers to effectively deliver marketing messages to the right potential participant and across the best channel, all based on the market, competition, the event’s past experience, local demographics, and participant interests. No other provider can match ACTIVE Network’s insights, intelligence, and actionable tools that directly tie social media and digital marketing efforts to revenue and registrations for event organizers.”

ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud combines the power of big data methodology with over 16 years of registration history, offering access to global trends and behaviors across billions of data points and millions of activities. ACTIVE Network continues to invest in new features and functionality offering event organizers unprecedented access to data insights and intelligence. As the latest addition to ACTIVE Network’s suite of seamlessly integrated endurance solutions, ACTIVE Target Marketer, part of ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud, is available today to ACTIVEWorks® Endurance customers. ACTIVE Target Marketer will soon be available to ACTIVE Net® customers in the YMCA, local government, and Parks & Recreation markets. For more information on ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud or ACTIVE Network’s other solutions, please visit us at

About ACTIVE Network

ACTIVE Network® is the leading global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while offering unparalleled business intelligence through our industry-leading data solutions and insights platform that helps organizers drive increased participation and revenue. ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than $3B in payments for over 42,000 organizers and 650,000 activities and events worldwide. Our enterprise-level ACTIVEWorks® platform offers organizers leading-edge SaaS technology that streamlines the administration of activities and events. Our ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® platform combines data analytics and business intelligence tools to provide actionable insights that help organizers better manage their events and increase participation. Founded in 1999, ACTIVE Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter.

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