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ACTIVE Network’s Significant Investment in Virtual Event Bags Delivers Even More Value for Event and Activity Organizers, Including an Online Engagement Platform

Virtual Event Bags Platform Sets Stage for Enhanced Participant Engagement and Empowers Organizers to Identify and Connect With Sponsors to Drive Revenue

Dallas – March 29, 2016 – With the mission to provide event and activity organizers with solutions that include touchpoints throughout the entire event and activity lifecycle, ACTIVE Network®, the premier global marketplace for activities and events and the industry’s leading provider of data solutions, has made a significant investment to its Virtual Event Bags™ platform. New enhancements have set the stage for evolving Virtual Event Bags into a more robust engagement tool for organizers across diverse markets, including endurance, YMCA, parks & recreation, and sales organizations. The new product is named the ACTIVE Engagement Platform™ and will be available to ACTIVE customers in the third quarter of 2016.

The ACTIVE Engagement Platform is an online software platform designed to enable organizations to deliver customized content to their members, customers or participants as a means of encouraging short-term activation and long-term retention. Through a customized, mobile-responsive, micro-website, the ACTIVE Engagement Platform effectively delivers targeted content to members based on the member’s persona profile, expressed interests and stage of relationship with his/her chosen organization. Starting with the first visit, the platform uses data to learn about each visitor, allowing it to present dynamic targeted content that, over subsequent visits, generates a more personalized content experience. The platform, in turn, presents those organizations with a rich reporting and analytics suite that delivers insights into how their audience and sponsors are engaging with that organization.

“ACTIVE is committed to adding value to event and activity organizers and participants throughout the entire event lifecycle from the point of registration or membership enrollment through post-event and post-activity communications and engagement,” said Greg Ingino, chief information officer at ACTIVE Network. “The significant investment we’ve made in the Virtual Event Bags platform over the past three months is exciting and promises to deliver an even more powerful engagement tool for organizers. What makes the ACTIVE Engagement Platform unique is its ability to impact a broadly diverse set of markets including: endurance, YMCAs, parks & recreation facilities, and numerous other types of participant and member-focused activity and event organizations. It will take audience engagement to a new level, enabling customers to offer customized experiences, information and offers. We can’t wait to share these new product features with our customers over the next few months.”

For current customers using the Virtual Event Bags platform, ACTIVE announced the launch of new features that empower event and activity organizers to “get more local” and more targeted in their outreach to sponsors and participants. Using the built-in sponsor email tool, organizers can invite potential sponsors to create a placement in their event bag. The invite includes sponsor-specific placement options and pricing. Most importantly, payment for the placement is processed on the spot, eliminating the cumbersome need to invoice and collect payments offline. Event organizers now have regionally relevant offers for participants available in their bags, encouraging higher participant and brand engagement, while selecting from a marketplace of content provided by ACTIVE’s national brand partners. With these new features, ACTIVE continues to deliver to event and activity organizers the technology, data insights and engagement solutions that enable those organizers to more efficiently differentiate their events and activities and more successfully grow participation, while enhancing the customer experience.

About ACTIVE Network

ACTIVE Network® is the leading global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while offering unparalleled business intelligence through our industry-leading data solutions and insights platform that helps organizers drive increased participation and revenue. ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than $3B in payments for over 47,000 organizers and 200,000 activities and events worldwide. Our enterprise-level ACTIVEWorks® platform offers organizers leading-edge SaaS technology that streamlines the administration of activities and events. Our ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® platform combines data analytics and business intelligence tools to provide actionable insights that help organizers better manage their events and increase participation. Founded in 1999, ACTIVE Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter.

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