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Active Government Solutions Chosen to Automate Nova Scotia's Financial Payment Process

Canadian Province Will Use Active's Payment Manager Software to Process More Than Two Million Financial Transactions and $500 Million in Revenue Annually

SAN DIEGO, CA - June 3, 2005 - Active Government Solutions, a division of The Active Network, Inc., and provider of cashiering and payment management software solutions for municipalities, has been chosen by the provincial government of Nova Scotia, Canada, to automate its point-of-sale and financial payment process for its service offices throughout the province. The province's primary service organization, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, will use the company's Payment Manager software to process more than two million payment transactions and $500 million in revenue annually.

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations handles more than 90 percent of the total interactions and financial transactions taking place between Nova Scotia citizens and the provincial government. Using Payment Manager software, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations can now access a single system to automate the processing of any transactions that involve fees, including vehicle permit renewals, marriage or birth certificates, and driver test payments. In addition to streamlining the province's payment processes across all of its offices, staff members will be able to scan, validate and process any invoice, permit or registration in seconds, track payments, run daily reports from a single system and show a consolidated view of the day's financial transactions.

"We chose Active because we wanted a lifetime partner that would work with us to grow the application and set a standard for the future," explained Chad MacDonald, Senior Project Manager, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. "We required a scalable solution - one that could be distributed across the province and manage our volume of financial transactions."

Previously, the province had several disparate systems and processes in place for its point-of-sale operations and dollars were being spent on individual applications each time an upgrade was needed or one of the province's legacy systems required changing. According to MacDonald, the disparate systems created barriers and challenges for staff, including working without a standard reconciliation process, depending on manual and time-consuming processes, difficulty adding new products and services, and entering data multiple times in multiple locations.

Using Payment Manager, staff members will also be able to generate customized reports without requiring help from IT staff. "Previously, there wasn't an easy, structured way to create new reports, which is what our finance department really needed," MacDonald said. "Through the new software, we're hoping to reduce some stress and gain some efficiencies."

Added MacDonald, "Active is great to work with and very accommodating. The team understands our issues, proposes solutions, and is always professional and knowledgeable."

About Active Government Solutions

Active Government Solutions, a division of The Active Network, Inc., brings a 20-year history delivering organizational efficiencies and improved citizen service to local governments worldwide. A major solutions provider to more than 1,150 local municipalities, the company provides cashiering and payment, customer service request, and crisis and information management software designed specifically for cities and counties. The software offers municipalities of any size a centralized, automated payment and customer service response solution, and an effective communications system for updating citizens. City departments can also offer citizens access to increased service options online, over the telephone or through self-service kiosks for any city bill payment, information inquiry or service request. Windows and Internet-based technologies include Payment Manager and Customer Service Manager. Representative customers include City of Auburn, Washington; City of Moreno Valley, California; and Town of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit


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