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New 'Eteamz Plus' Web Service In High Demand

LA JOLLA, CA - February 4, 2002 - The most popular Web community for sports teams,, just launched a new Web service that's in high demand by teams, leagues and organizations across 80 different sports. Called eteamz PLUS, the new service from The Active Network offers the right set of enhanced Web features to let teams manage their Web sites the way they want. According to The Active Network, which launched the service last month for teams on and, more than 20 new teams are signing up daily for the service.

"PLUS lets our users have a lot more fun with their sites but also offers practical benefits such as greater control over site management, priority customer support, and faster, more effective communication," explained Rob Costlow, team sports online community manager, The Active Network. "Teams are telling us this is the best thing we've ever done."

Dan Sweeney, head coach for the Southern California Wolves Soccer Club, agreed. "eteamz PLUS enables any coach with a minimal investment of capital to have an ad-free site, mass e-mailing capability, printable rosters, schedules and calendars and to schedule repetitive events (practice) with a single input. I no longer have to waste money on copying schedules and calendars. The parents can print them out at home and the money is put back into the team. No more wasting time copying, collating, and distributing handouts. It was amazing how much extra time I suddenly had," said Sweeney.

As a subscription-based service, PLUS offers a range of monthly and annual pricing and purchasing options for team, league, organization and individual sites. The basic PLUS package for teams starts at $4 a month and includes key PLUS features such as 30MB of additional disk space, advertising options, and communications tools. While eteamz PLUS represents an additional option, the company will continue to provide its free eteamz Web services for new and existing users.

Top features include:

  • Disk space - more space to hold photos, files and music.
  • Advertising options - options to remove advertising banners and pop-ups. Teams can also purchase an add-on option to create their own ads for their sites.
  • Customizable folders - teams can add more information to their sites
  • E-mail lists - teams can create e-mail lists for team members and send them in one distribution.
  • Printable rosters, schedules, calendars - teams can print these in one click
  • Priority customer service - teams get fast response and support

"A service like eteamz PLUS makes a lot of sense and its immediate popularity validates the need for the service," said Gregg Vincent, vice president of Team Sports for The Active Network. "We've also tried to price it very reasonably since both and eteamz serve a youth market that depends on many volunteers. For just four dollars a month, every eteamz or member can benefit from the basic PLUS service."

Eteamz also just introduced two free add-on options for PLUS users: pop-up messaging for each site and page transition effects. For more information about eteamz PLUS, visit

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