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Active Sports Technologies Partners With RunTime Software to Transform Race Scoring

San Diego, CA - May 12, 2005 - Active Sports Technologies, a division of The Active Network, Inc. and technology provider for sports events, teams, leagues and camps, has partnered with RunTime Software (, distributor of the industry's popular RunScore timing application, to deliver the first integrated, technology solution for timing providers and event directors. The new solution, RunScore Active Module, seamlessly integrates online registration and timing technology into a single solution. The partnership marks the first time that timers will be able to download all online registration information and timing system data into a single interface, saving significant administrative time and reducing potential errors.

The new product effectively bridges the gap between online registration and timing systems, giving users the ability to download all online registration information directly from Active's Registration Center into the RunScore system. The product ensures data can now be downloaded quickly, efficiently and accurately with just a few clicks of a button. Users simply initiate the RunScore Active Module, select their event name, filter registrations and then seamlessly map registration fields to the appropriate RunScore data fields.

"Not only will the RunScore Active Module save experienced timers a lot of time and effort, but now, even the most novice event directors will be able to download online registration data with ease," explained Steven Keith, computer systems manager of Results Event Timing, LLC and user of RunScore Active Module. "By integrating Active's Registration Center and RunScore's timing technology, this new solution now provides a one-stop shop for all race-scoring needs."

David Simms, co-distributor of ChampionChip U.S.A., agreed, "ChampionChip has been very pleased with Active's efforts to make life easier for timers and event directors. They are the first online registration company to actively pursue improving the connection between online and offline data."

A proven industry leader, RunTime Software has sold more than 1,000 RunScore software licenses since 1985, with a client base that includes timing companies, event directors, running clubs, even YMCAs. According to Jon Belmonte, chief operating officer of The Active Network, Inc., many of these organizations already use Active's online registration services to power their events. "The Run Score Active Module will prove to be an extremely valuable and time-saving tool, designed to run smoothly with all timing platforms," he added.

"The only solution designed specifically for race-scoring needs, the RunScore Active Module will reduce the time spent customizing download information considerably," said Belmonte, who also heads the company's Active Sports Technologies division. "By improving the overall efficiency of event data management, this new technology will allow event directors to focus their time on marketing and promotion, sponsorship and customer support."

"I've been working with race-scoring software for over thirty years and have witnessed the evolution from paper-based data-entry to Web-based systems and online registration," explained Alan Jones, founder and owner of RunTime Software. "By combining the world's most popular race-scoring software with the most widely-used online registration infrastructure, we can now offer timers the most seamless solution available today."

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About Active Sports Technologies

Active Sports Technologies, a division of The Active Network, Inc., provides technology applications that enhance the efficiency of participatory sports teams, leagues, events and camps. Bringing a history of technical reliability and a proven track record to all its relationships, Active Sports Technologies offers organizations a complete line of products and services tailored to specific sports and activities. Products and services include customized Web sites, online registration, fundraising and database management services. Leading sports organizations, including Running USA, World Triathlon Corporation, Little League® Baseball, NFL Youth Football, MLS Soccer Camps, use services from Active Sports Technologies. For more information, please visit

About RunScore

RunScore, created and distributed by RunTime Software, is the world's most popular race-scoring software, used to score and time road races, triathlons, and cross-country races. In addition to providing support to its many customers, RunTime Software interacts with manufacturers and distributors of all the major timing equipment available to support these devices. The company has been involved in computer scoring of running races since 1971. In addition to the race-scoring software, the company provides educational, seismological software for use in schools and museums. These programs are used at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. as well as in schools and museums around the world. For more information, please visit

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