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You want to position your brand in front of active lifestyle consumers who can benefit from your products and services.



You want to extend the reach of your marketing activities and increase the registrations for your event.


Reach more registrants by working with ACTIVE. Our massive database of opt-in athletes helps make sure the people who want to participate in your event learn about it and complete registration. We'll equip you with a talented creative team to develop a custom campaign that's right for you or join ACTIVE Exchange and let us do the marketing for you.

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Our Offerings


Custom Marketing Plans

Gain access to an expert team of graphic designers and media buyers to help you build a professional marketing campaign to get your event the publicity it deserves. Now you can create big agency advertising for your event without spending a big agency budget.

Local Events Newsletters

Millions of people across the nation receive our weekly newsletters key events in their areas. Promote your event with our local events publication and reach people you haven't marketed to before discover your event.

Special Offer Emails

If you created a great incentive to build urgency and increase registration, take advantage of special offer emails that allow you to reach your audience without sharing space with other events.

Content Newsletters

Target engaged readers who have shown interest in events like yours. Through content newsletters published periodically to a national consumer audience, you can reach participants who have a specific interest in a sport or activity that matches your event.


ACTIVE Exchange

Let ACTIVE invest in your event. Gain a partner that helps promote your event and works to increase registrations for your event. In addition to harnessing the full marketing capabilities of ACTIVE, you get revenue up front to reinvest in making your event an even bigger success.


Digital Marketing Consultants

Get the most out of your marketing by working with a dedicated coach. Our consultants are available to help you design a digital campaign that fits the unique needs of your event. Whether need help developing a mobile marketing strategy or enhancing your social media presence, our Digital Marketing Consultants are the experts you need.


Instant Ads

Take control of your marketing budget and promote your event on several of ACTIVE's properties. You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement in ACTIVE.com's activity feed, newsletters, and local events mailings.

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