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ACTIVE Net® helps you do more with one system.

Manage multiple facilities and hundreds of programs centrally. Provide convenience and security for your customers while removing manual processes at the same time.

ACTIVE Net Insights provides timely, actionable insights securely, using the latest business intelligence tools. Stay informed and make better decisions with interactive reports that allow you to sort, filter, and color code within your browser. Stunning, custom data visualizations allow you to spot trends and identify opportunities. Find the right information fast so you can answer questions, quickly and confidently.

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Parks & Recreation


Empowering departments to create, promote & fill classes, programs & activities. Keeping communities healthy.

Case Studies:
Town of Saugeen Shores
Village of Hawthorn Woods



Enabling YMCA organizations to manage their entire on-site operations, gain insights, retain & engage their members.

Case Studies:
YMCA Metro Los Angeles
Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue

Campus Recreation


Helping universities manage & report on facility usage, take intramural & club registrations, and provide insight to drive funding.

Case Studies:
University of California, Santa Cruz
George Mason University

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Find out how we can help your community grow.