ACTIVE Net® Provides Membership Management Software

Retaining a member is easier than getting a new one. Constantly engaging and listening to your members is crucial to success. ACTIVE Net, ACTIVE Network’s membership management software, allows you do that through communication marketing tools, internet and mobile access to activities, and a 360-degree view of each member. Membership management technology is perfect for any organization focused on the member experience.

Get a 360-Degree View of Each Member

It is hard to understand member behaviors when memberships, registrations, payments and other information sit in four different systems. With ACTIVE Net, you see a 360-degree view of the member by having registration history, contact information, customer notes and more all in one profile. Let ACTIVE Net help you get the data to improve your marketing and customer service.

Increase Member Engagement

Remembering the needs of even a few family members is tough. With our membership software you can set up pop-up alerts to display key information. Know if a pass is about to expire or if there’s a birthday, special requests, or anything else you may need a reminder or alert for.

Target Offers Based on Customer History

Our membership management module helps you run your entire organization. Within ACTIVE Net is a communication and emailing tool. By having your membership data in the same place as your email marketing software, you can better understand each member and target messages and offers more effectively. For example, build a list of members based on behaviors, registration history, and age in order to target half off a class or offering.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Online membership management software from ACTIVE Network helps you manage the entire membership process more easily. If you work for a YMCA with tons of members or a city with thousands of citizens, you know you need flexible options and automatic enforcements. Here are a few features that will help you achieve those goals:

  • Set up any number of membership types, passes and rates
  • Automatically control access to certain facilities and areas depending on the membership or pass type
  • Customize your cards with unique identifiers like a picture, bar code and logo
  • Take a new member’s photo and issue multiple cards per family

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