ACTIVE Net® delivers an upgrade from Class Software


For over 30 years, recreation organizations have successfully been using ACTIVE Network's industry-leading recreation software solutions to manage recreation activities and facilities.

What is Class Software?

Class software brought automation to recreation in the 1980’s. It was designed to help community organizations manage recreation activities more efficiently and effectively, from registration and scheduling to point of sale and memberships. While it did all of those things well, it simply could not keep up with the demands of today’s technological society.

ACTIVE Net was designed by combining the best of earlier Class tools with new engagement features that scale to meet the increasing customer demands. ACTIVE Net solves the challenges of the modern world by providing access and tools that help increase participation. As a result, Class customers have been making the upgrade to ACTIVE Net over recent years.

ACTIVE Net is the Future of Participation

Recreation organizations of all sizes across North America—from parks and recreation agencies to university recreation departments and non-profits like YMCAs, JCCs, and Boys and Girls Clubs—use ACTIVE Net’s recreation management tools. Why? Because ACTIVE Net is scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

Historically, Class software provided recreation managers the functionality they needed to automate manual tasks and centralize all information. ACTIVE Net, built on existing tools, has been designed through the lens of the participant for better online registration, mobile access, and social media tools. Our ACTIVE Net solution saves staff enormous amounts of time and helps you connect better with your participants. Activate your community with ACTIVE Net and let us help you build a healthier, happier, and more engaged community.

If you’re looking for class management for your school, check out ACTIVE Educate.

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