ACTIVE Net® Delivers Online Registration for your Organization

With ACTIVE Net, online activity registration software from ACTIVE Network, you’ll spend more time fostering healthy living and less time enrolling customers. Your participants get an easier way to sign up for programs and your staff members can eliminate hours of tedious registration work.

Offer 24/7 Access to Online Registration

In today’s busy world, stopping by a YMCA or recreation center just to register for a class isn’t convenient. With ACTIVE Net, you offer participants 24/7 access to your activities from any computer, tablet, or phone. Making it convenient for customers to sign up wherever and whenever they can, and thus they are more likely to participate in what you offer.

Save Valuable Staff Time

Manual registrations take a ton of staff time away from more important things. For in-person registrations, staff members can use program registration software to speed up the process. Staff can:

  • Use tabbed windows to easily move from activity registration to another module without losing previous work or searches
  • Create priority registration windows for returning customers to get first dibs on available spots
  • Set up multi-person discounts for families registering more than one child
  • Add and remove customers from activity waitlists
  • Automate waiver processing from generation through to tracking

Better Understand Each Customer

Get one central view of a customer with registration management software. With a 360-degree view of every customer you can see upcoming activities and interests to transaction history and family relationships and then send targeted email marketing messages.

Reduce Cash Handling and Receipt Errors

With online class registration software you no longer have to touch cash. It’s integrated with our credit card processing which collects and stores your payments online – it’s fast, secure and means you don’t have to worry about the liability of dealing with payments on your own. You also save time with automated purchase confirmation emails sent to the customer.

Increase Participation and Fill Classes Easier

If the goals of your organization include phrases like “building a healthier community” and “increasing participation,” signing up for your programs needs to be easy. With registration management software from ACTIVE Network, your customers and members can easily register online or on their phones for your classes. When it’s easy to sign up, people are more likely to complete the registration process and more likely to participate in your programs. In turn, you’ll be on your way toward reaching your goal of building a healthier community.

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