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New Camping App Connects All Your Trip Details and Friends

A new trip-planning app called Moonlight is helping camping buddies coordinate logistics ahead of time so they can get more out of the outdoor experience. The slick technology was just launched by ACTIVE Network, which already dominates the online event-registration space.

Sports Destination Management

Event Merchandising: Trends, Innovations and Predictions

What are some of the new trends in event-branded merchandise that will take effect in the coming years, and how do those trends stand to change the way we develop and order merchandise? Sometimes, you have to ask the people who work in that industry, and who are affected by it.


Which State Is the Most Active in the United States?

Which state is the most active in the U.S.? You might be surprised. Although states like Colorado, California and New York are often lauded for their active populations and great places for recreational activities, those aren’t the states that came up as the most active according to data from ACTIVE Network’s endurance event registration platform.

The Huffington Post

The Top 5 Cities in America for an ACTIVE Retirement

A survey by ACTIVE Network, which tracks enrollment in athletic camps and other events, looked at the cities in which people over 55 are most active. They gathered data on local races and competitions, by age and gender.


Where to Live for an Extremely Active Retirement

Here's where you'll find a lot of other seniors participating in marathons and other athletic events.

Woodalls Campground Management

Reserve America Turns to Private Campgrounds

ACTIVE Network expanded into offering its full, customizable campground-management software system that enables online bookings through ReserveAmerica.com.

Business Innovators

ACTIVE Network's Latest Innovation - CIO Greg Ingino Explains

Greg Ingino, Chief Information Officer of ACTIVE Network, reveals how the company helps people to connect with millions of activities

Triathlon Business International

TBI and USA Triathlon Collaborate on Annual Business and Race Director Conferences

ACTIVE Network sponsors long-time partners Triathlon Business International and USA Triathlon in their combined 2017 endurance industry conference.

Abilene Reporter News

Online registration makes Abilene Parks & Rec sign-ups easier

The new registration system, ACTIVE Network, allows participants a chance to register 24 hours a day via mobile devices.


ACTIVEx Coordinates Your Group Workouts

A new app, ACTIVEx, lets you create goal-oriented groups with friends or strangers.

Yahoo! Tech

ACTIVE’s Moonlight app will help you camp like a champ

The Moonlight app, available now for iOS, aims to simplify the planning process for your outdoor adventure.

The Real

Downloads for Dad

“The Real” ladies are showing you how to elevate dad’s cellphone game with a few really cool apps for dads.

Outside Magazine

These 5 Apps Make Summer Adventuring a Lot Easier

Moonlight is an app that allows you to plan multiple facets of your camping trip, from the meals you hope to cook to the gear you need to sleep comfortably. Like that tent that’s sitting in your garage. Moonlight really shines if you’re planning a group camping trip with multiple people, as the group can all sign into the trip and divvy up shopping lists and figure out who the hell is going to bring the tent.

Outside Magazine

This App Is Basically the Google Doc of the Outdoor World—And It Makes Trip Prep Way Easier

Moonlight lets you build collaborative gear checklists, provides important campsite info, and even includes built-in ghost stories.

Best Products

Meet Moonlight: the Newly Launched App That Helps Take the Stress Out of Camping

Moonlight is a new outdoor-adventures organizational app that will let you relax and enjoy the great outdoors without stressing about who packed what, where your reservation printout went, or who brought the lantern.

Dallas Business Journal

Three questions with Jeff Lambert, ACTIVE Network Chief Legal Officer

Lambert first joined ACTIVE in 2006, and has served in various capacities for the company. Here’s a look at his role at ACTIVE Network.

Dallas Business Journal

The Coolest Workplaces in Dallas-Fort Worth

As technology, trends, and human capital evolve, North Texas businesses are transforming their office spaces to meet new needs.