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When Marana Parks and Recreation decided to take their programs to the next level in 2004, they turned to ACTIVE Network to keep pace with their fast-growing community. For six years, however, the software was significantly underused.

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The department reached a turning point in 2010 when Business Services Coordinator Corey Larriva led the charge to implement all of ACTIVE Net’s capabilities to manage their seven parks, nine facilities and 90 quarterly activities. This recommitment to learning led to major financial returns and a state-of-the art recreation management solution for their community.

Modernized Operations

Previously, critical operations were managed with clunky, manual processes. Manual reports pulled from multiple dashboards and databases couldn’t provide basic functions such as YOY comparisons of programs and activities. By treating ACTIVE Net as an all-in-one business tool, they cleaned up their systems, centralized reporting, got everyone on the same page and saw immediate results:

  • 10-hour time savings a week
  • Automatic upload of relevant data to the city’s finance department
  • Elimination of facilities doublebooking and significant reduction in paper booking forms
  • 85% increase in total revenue

Diminished Ad Costs

The department’s $10,000 print ad budget for newspaper ads, activity programs, guides and flyers was expensive, slow and untargeted. Using their improved data and ACTIVE Net’s communication tool, they began sending targeted emails and reminders to fill open slots and reservations. ACTIVE Net’s social media integration enabled them to fill events within minutes that had previously taken weeks. Free, quick, and easy online reminders resulted in:

  • + 100% online registration growth in the first year of re-purposing ACTIVE Net
  • 85% decrease in annual print budget (from $10,000 to $1,500) with more registrations
  • Marana’s Egg Nog Jog grew 487% in its first four years
  • 480% increase in facility bookings from 20,546 to 119,249)

Transformed Communication & Registration

Before 2010, online registrations were frequently abandoned, then completed onsite. Registration didn’t include required equipment needs, program instructions, or automatic reminders, resulting in hundreds of calls each season.

Staff organized all registration details to be presented at the time of payment and created automatic reminder emails. User-friendly and efficient registration resulted in:

  • 31% online revenue growth
  • 50% reduction in customer inquiry calls
  • 84% youth sports fill rate
  • 64% youth sports online registration rate, up 220% in 3 years

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