Town of Saugeen Shores

How the Town of Saugeen Shores in Ontario, Canada improved customer online accessibility, increased first day enrollment and grew revenue by switching to ACTIVE Net.



The Challenge

Nestled along the shoreline of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, sits the Town of Saugeen Shores. The Saugeen Shores Department of Community Services offers a wide variety of recreational activities to its residents and visitors.

While the residents of the town of Saugeen Shores were anxious to sign up for the community offerings, the lines at leisure fairs and subsequent time to process all activity registrations were slow.  After 19 years of using the registration and facility booking modules of the Class software system, the town of Saugeen Shores was looking for an upgrade. They wanted web-based solution, accessible for both their onsite and satellite staff, as well as full accessibility for community members at all times.

By switching to the web-based ACTIVE Net solution, the Community Services Department aimed to:

  • Provide a user-friendly tool for community members
  • Decrease staff time processing registrations at leisure fair events + increase productivity in program development
  • Effectively communicate with community members
  • Increase participation and revenue

Learn how the town of Saugeen Shores worked with ACTIVE Network’s implementation and customer service teams to make a smooth and successful transition from Class to ACTIVE Net.

"We’re pleased with the online service solution, with quicker, up-to-date technology to share with our community." Jessica Linthorne,
Recreation Programs Supervisor

The Proof is in the Numbers

According to the Saugeen Shores Recreation Programs supervisor, Jessica Linthorne, deciding to make the switch from Class to ACTIVE Net just made sense.

The transition required collaboration between the Saugeen Shores Department staff and ACTIVE's implementation team. Registrations rolled in, immediately increasing first day registrations by 30% over the previous year.

As subsequent Winter 2013 and Spring 2014 sessions opened, community members continued to adopt the new online system. By the third session, Spring 2014,  online registration numbers soared to 67%.

Community members are not only visiting the site, but they are logging in. More than 50% of the people visiting the Saugeen Shores site log in with their username and password first, allowing the Saugeen Shores staff to view their members’ interests.  In addition, more than 10% of those logging in have registered for up to 10 activities. The town uses these analytics to drive additional campaigns to continue to engage and reengage community members.

"This system is designed for us. It gives us exactly what we need." Jessica Linthorne,
Recreation Programs Supervisor

Time Saved, Money Earned

In the past, the Town of Saugeen Shores Community Services Department held onsite leisure fairs hosting hour-long lines for community members to register for swim lessons and other activities. The registration staff labored over phone calls, payments and other logistical efforts. The days following the fair were spent fielding phone calls and entering data.

With the help of ACTIVE Net, the time spent on leisure fairs for both the community members and the department staff drastically decreased. In fact, a once two-hour line staffed by six workers has been reduced to a line of three, staffed by three workers, an almost 85% reduction of staff efforts at leisure fairs.

Without being bombarded with calls, the Community Services staff is now able to put more time and energy into program development and marketing efforts. They are able to review past programs, spend more time making improvements and preparing for each upcoming season. By getting this time back, they are reaching new avenues and investing back into the community.

Reaching Out

While the Community Services staff enjoys the benefits of online registration with ACTIVE Net, one of their biggest excitements arrived in the form of effective communication. Community members have easy and constant access to their profiles and are therefore able to make changes as necessary. Having up-to-date information for its members allows the Town of Saugeen Shores to pull accurate lists together at a moment's notice.

Previously, the staff found it difficult to effectively communicate with members, especially in emergency situations. In cases of inclement weather or other reasons for cancellation, the staff now finds it easy and effective to inform members via email.

With efficient communication comes satisfied customers. Using the ACTIVE Net communication tools has allowed the staff of the town of Saugeen Shores to keep their members informed, up-to-date and happy.


By switching from Class to ACTIVE Net, the town of Saugeen Shores increased overall member satisfaction. High percentages of online registration and reduced time at leisure fairs prove the effectiveness and success of ACTIVE Net in their community.

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