YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles Selects ACTIVE Net


The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles has been working for more than 130 years across 100 miles of LA County to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. To support that cause, the Los Angeles Y recently selected ACTIVE Net™, a cloud-based software solution that helps member engagement by improving the member experience, saving time for staff members, and increasing access to its program offerings.

The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles previously used a custom-built system that originally met the organization’s needs. However, training staff members was tedious, updates were expensive, and maintenance was not included. For those reasons, the Los Angeles Y set out to find a solution to improve usability for customers and staff while growing with the needs of the organization.

"We chose ACTIVE Network as we believe this solution will improve the in-facility experience for our staff and greatly enhance the way our members experience us beyond the four walls of our facility. Engaging the community outside of our facilities is a true game-changing approach to the way we deliver operations today. It makes sense to choose a partner with the tools, experience and commitment to help us get there." Jennifer Bolger, Vice President of Membership & Healthy Living,
YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

ACTIVE Net™ will help the organization reach those goals by:

  • Improving access to activities online and through mobile devices
  • Providing a 360-degree view of the member
  • Boosting participation with integrated communication tools
  • Engaging members via integrated social media tools
  • Reducing time and cost by removing patches and maintenance associated with custom applications

“ACTIVE Network offers a total package including the modules we want without the burden of add-on costs to the product. We also like that ACTIVE is in this with us: when we do better, ACTIVE does better,” said Jennifer Bolger.

At ACTIVE Network, we live by our name and strive to make the world a more active place. With the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles newly on board, we look forward to working together to build healthier and more active communities in LA County.

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