12 YMCA Processes That May Be Hurting Your ROI (and How to Optimize Them)

12 YMCA Processes That May Be Hurting Your ROI

Uncover the day-to-day processes that are driving value for your YMCA—and the ones you need to optimize now.

Your YMCA invests thousands of dollars into processes and technology in hopes of improving member experience and improving efficiency. How do you know if it’s actually paying off? The reality is that many of them are costing you more resources than they’re bringing in, in terms of revenue or nurturing member loyalty.

Measuring ROI isn't easy, but it’s crucial to ensure that your daily operations are helping you fulfill your mission and not just draining resources.

Watch this free webinar to find out which 12 processes have the biggest impact on your YMCA’s ROI and how you can optimize them, based on an independent study conducted by Hobson & Company. Their in-depth interviews with more than 30 organizations like yours provided valuable insight into the challenges and solutions other directors use to maximize returns over investments.

Areas of discussion include:

  • Operations management: Staff, registration processes, payment collection, facilities and more
  • Participation: Growing your membership base and retaining more members year over year
  • Data insight: Gaining visibility into program performance in order to make data-driven decisions that help you offer your members more of what they want
  • IT and data security: Reducing IT needs while increasing confidence in financial and personal information safety

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