40 Adult Recreation Programs to Add to Your Offerings


What makes you decide to offer a new class? Maybe you’ve noticed new exercising trends or customers have suggested new ideas. Or, you look at the data and add one more outdoor Yoga class because all of them sold out last summer. Whatever it is that makes you add new programs to your recreation offerings, a good amount of research goes into the process.

And that’s what we did here. In this free report, you’ll receive 40 adult recreation program ideas that are new and/or different from the norm. These ideas have been compiled from recreation guides, programming consultants, and trends in fitness, technology, and more. From Inner Tube Water Polo to Murder Mystery Dinners, these programs will add some flair to next year's programs.

Here are the program categories within the report:

  1. Sports (5)
  2. Exercise (7)
  3. Technology (5)
  4. Entertainment (6)
  5. Art (7)
  6. Professional (4)
  7. Others (6)